Become a ninja with Angular

This ebook helps you get the philosophy of Angular (currently 18.0.4), the new tools (like ES2015, TypeScript, Angular CLI...), and each part of the framework in a pragmatic way. You will be able to kickstart your project by the end of the reading, and build your amazing apps!

If you want to go further, a Pro Pack is available with exercises to understand each step of building an application. That means tons of pragmatic code samples, tests for each step, good practices for every common use-case, and save tens of hours on your next project!

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Our proven experience with Angular

Accessible to anyone

The ebook is at a 'pay what you want' price, with a very low minimum, so everyone should be able to read it, from students to professionals. As we did for our ebook on AngularJS 1.x, you can give part of the price to support a charity of our choice: Electronic Frontier Foundation. A professional package is also available and includes exercises, with instructions, unit tests and solutions, and all what's needed to hit the ground running on your first app, saving you days of learning and mistakes.
We gave to this ebook the Ninja Squad touch: a subtle mix of light tone and professional content. You can have a feel of this touch by reading our blog or the free samples of the book. Having built several professional applications and taught AngularJS 1.x and Angular to a LOT of people, from students to veteran developers, we are perfectly aware of the awesomeness and limits of Angular, and we packed this ebook with tips and advices to avoid you some costly mistakes.

In the book, we dive into


The Future of JavaScript

Angular apps can be written in plain old JavaScript but it is much better using the ECMAScript 6 features, or even better: the type-safety and decorators of TypeScript. Several chapters are dedicated to these topics, to understand them and write beautiful code.



Angular is a modern JavaScript framework supercharged with awesome features: we'll explore the new templating syntax, architecture choices, dependency injection system, routing, tests, forms, signals, etc. We'll also study the integration with RxJS, a new tool that radically changes how we build our applications.


Best practices

This ebook and these exercises are the result of countless hours spent on different projects. They contain all the best practices we encountered. We would have saved so much time if we had that book when we started! We go over kickstarting, tests, code organisation, tips for production, and more!



The whole framework is component oriented. Angular also works seamlessly with Web Components, but also with Angular components from a growing ecosystem. Who never needed a chart, a map, a timepicker or a data-grid?



As in our previous ebook, we spend some time talking about tests and testing strategies. And if you choose the Pro Pack, you'll have dozens of unit test examples for every part of your app. This will make sure your code is robust and trustworthy!



The Google team has done an incredible job performance-wise. We'll see how that works under the hood, what can we do to go further and produce blazingly fast apps.

Table of Contents

All the chapters you'll get to read in our ebook.
If you want to see the whole changelog, you can read it here.

0.  Introduction FREE

1.  A gentle introduction to ECMAScript 2015+ FREE




Shorthands in object creation

Destructuring assignment

Default parameters and values

Rest operator



Arrow functions


Sets and Maps

Template literals


2.  Going further than ES2015+ FREE

Dynamic, static and optional types

Enters TypeScript

A practical example with DI

3.  Diving into TypeScript FREE

Types as in TypeScript


Return types


Optional arguments

Functions as property


Working with other libraries


4.  Advanced TypeScript FREE



Mapped type

Union types and type guards

5.  Web Components FREE

A brave new world

Custom elements

Shadow DOM


Frameworks on top of Web Components

6.  Grasping Angular’s philosophy FREE

7.  From zero to something FREE

NodeJS and NPM

Angular CLI

Application structure

Our first standalone component


8.  The templating syntax


Using other components in our templates

Property binding


Expressions vs statements

Local variables

Structural directives (NgIf, NgFor, NgSwitch)

Other template directives (NgStyle, NgClass)

Control flow syntax

9.  Building components and directives


Directives: selectors, inputs, outputs, lifecycle, providers, host, export as

Components: view providers, change detection, queries, template, styles, encapsulation, directives, pipes

10.  Styling components and encapsulation

Shadow DOM strategy

Emulated strategy

None strategy

Styling the host

11.  Pipes

Pied piper










A pipe in your code

Creating your own pipes

12.  Dependency injection

DI yourself

Easy to develop

Easy to configure

Other types of provider

Hierarchical injectors

DI without types


13.  Services

Title service

Meta service

Making your own service

14.  Reactive Programming

Call me maybe

General principles


Reactive programming in Angular

15.  Testing your app

The problem with troubleshooting

Unit tests

Fake dependencies

Testing components

Testing with fake templates or providers

Simpler, cleaner unit tests with ngx-speculoos

End to end tests (e2e)

16.  Send and receive data with HTTP

Getting data (provideHttpClient)

Transforming data

Advanced options




17.  Router

En route (provideRouter)



Matching strategy

Hierarchical and empty-path routes



Router events

Parameters and data

Bind parameters and data to component inputs

Lazy loading

18.  Forms

Forms, dear forms



Adding some validation

Errors and submission

Add some style

Creating a custom validator

Grouping fields

Reacting to changes

Updating on blur or on submit only

FormArray and FormRecord

Strictly typed forms

Super simple validation error messages with ngx-valdemort

Going further: define custom form inputs with ControlValueAccessor

19.  Zones and the Angular magic

AngularJS 1.x and digest cycle

Angular and zones

20.  Angular compilation: JiT vs AoT

Code generation

Ahead of Time compilation

21.  Advanced Observables

Subscribe, unsubscribe, and async pipe

Leveraging operators

Building your own Observable

Using Subjects as triggers

Managing state with stores (NgRx, NGXS, Akita and friends)

22.  Advanced components and directives

Input transforms

View queries (ViewChild/ViewChildren)

Content projection (ng-content)

Content queries (ContentChild/ContentChildren)

Conditional and contextual content projection: ng-template et ngTemplateOutlet



23.  Angular modules

A compilation unit

Module composition

Functional, routed modules

24.  Internationalization

The locale

Default currency

Translating text

Process and tooling

Translating messages in the code


Runtime i18n with Transloco

Best practices

25.  Performances

First load



Runtime performances


26.  Signals

The reasons behind Signals

Signals API

Signals, components, and change detection

Tip for signals with nullable values

Sharing a signal between components

Memory leaks

Signals and RxJS interoperability

Signal-based components

Inputs as signals with input()

Fonction output()

viewChild and contentChild



27.  Control flow template syntax

Structural directives under the hood

Control flow syntax

If statement with @if/@else

For statement with @for/@empty

Switch statement with @switch/@case

The future of templating

28.  Deferrable Views with @defer

@placeholder, @loading, and @error



How to test deferred loading?

29.  Going to production

Environments and configurations



Package your application

Server configuration

If you want to see the whole changelog, you can read it here.

The Pro Pack

Switch to second gear by building a real project, step by step!

Our ebook lets you learn all the features of the framework. But for Angular, we decided to go further to share our expertise, by selling a Pro Pack. The Pro Pack makes you create an application skeleton, craft your first modules, components, services, routes and forms. And above all it teaches you how to write tests, how to handle secured HTTP calls when your user is authenticated, how to design a reactive application leveraging RxJS and signals, how to integrate with CSS frameworks like Twitter Bootstrap, third party librairies like Moment.js, already available components (Google Maps), and how to design your own (like a chart for example). If you want to completely master the framework, and be able to throw yourself with confidence in any projects, the Pro Pack is for you.

The Pro Pack contains a set of exercises, allowing you to build the PonyRacer app from scratch, confronting yourself to all these common problems in modern JavaScript applications. For each step, you receive a set of instructions corresponding to one of the ebook chapter, and a set of unit tests to validate your code. A NodeJS module we wrote is here to help you analyze your code and compute your score. Your turn to solve the challenge with the help of our tips! When you're done, or if you're stuck, you can check the solution we made. Our platform allows you to follow your progress, and inform you when we update the exercises. You can then switch to this new version (for free), and start again where you stopped. It's a great way to see how the best practices evolve!

screencast of the Pro Pack app

Exercises list

Here are all the lessons you can follow with the Pro Pack.

0. Getting Started FREE

Let's generate the project skeleton, and begin our adventure!

1. Quizz: templates FREE

Test your knowledge of the templating syntax with a quizz.

2. Templates FREE

Learn a bit more about components and the templating syntax with a new component for the responsive menu.

3. List of races FREE

Create a new component to display the list of races.

4. Race detail FREE

Display a more friendly race detail, with a list of ponies.

5. Pony component FREE

Add a nice pony component, with a beautiful 8-bit artwork image.

6. Using pipes FREE

Use a pipe in your template to format raw data.

7. Custom pipe with date-fns

Build our own pipe using the third party library date-fns to display pretty dates.

8. Race service

Build a service for handling the race business logic, with a hint of Dependency Injection and Modules.

9. Quizz: observables

Test your knowledge of Observables with a quizz.

10. Observables with RxJS

Learn more about reactive programming and use observables in our service.

11. HTTP

Fetch data over HTTP from the Ponyracer REST API.

12. Router

Have nice URLs that mirror the content displayed using the Router.

13. Quizz: forms

Test your knowledge of forms with a quizz.

14. Login form

Build a simple form to authenticate our users.

15. Register form

Build a more complex form with all the Angular goodies.

16. Control Value Accessor

Create a custom form component with Control Value Accessor.

17. Display the user

Display our logged in user and its score with the help of Observables and Subjects.

18. Logged home

Update the home page when the user is logged in, with a nice RxJS trick.

19. Remember me

Having to log in every time is painful: let's remember our user for the next time! Play with the LocalStorage.

20. Logout

Now we remember our user, so we need a way to log her/him out.

21. Signals

Learn how to use signals to communicate between components.

22. Quizz: http

Test your knowledge of the HTTP client with a quizz.

23. HTTP with authentication

Some REST endpoints are secured: let's see what we need to do to call them. Also a little introduction to JSON Web Token.

24. Bet on a pony

Where is the fun if we can't bet on a pony? Outputs and custom events to the rescue!

25. Cancel a bet

We also need to be able to cancel a bet.

26. Live race

Display the live race with fake data coming from a hand-made observable with RxJS.

27. Websocket

Get real time data from the server over Websocket!

28. Observable tips and tricks

Learn a few handy operators and become a master with RxJS and Observables.

29. Boost a pony with advanced observables

We can make a pony much faster by clicking on it: a good excuse to learn some advanced RxJS and a performance trick.

30. Reactive user score

Our user score should update in real time. Another use-case for Observables and Signals.

31. Quizz: router

Test your knowledge of the router with a quizz.

32. Protected routes with guards

Let's use guards to protect parts of our app.

33. Child routes and redirections

A real application often has child routes and redirections.

34. Lazy loading

The router can lazy-load parts of our app. Let's see how!

35. Building advanced components

Learn how to build advanced components, using ng-content, ContentChild, and ViewChild.

36. Building advanced components and directives

Learn how to build advanced directives, using HostListener and HostBinding.

37. Integrate with a UI library

Let's use UI components from ng-bootstrap, a third party library with powerful components.

38. Charts in your app

Every professional app has its chart. Let's see how Angular manage these.

38. Charts in your app

Every professional app has its chart. Let's see how Angular manage these.

40. Internationalization

Localization and translations in our application using Transloco.

41. Going to production

Final step to deliver our app! What do we need to do to launch our product?


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Pro Packs users


€ Given to EFF

Free samples

If you don't trust our style, or our capacity to provide a genuine DRM-free ebook in all major formats, have a look at these free extracts.
You can also try the first 6 exercises of the Pro Pack for free.

Ebook samples

English Free EPUB Free PDF Free HTML
French Free EPUB Free PDF Free HTML

Pro Pack test drive

Test the whole experience of the Pro Pack on the first 6 exercises, for free.
Setup, code, build, verify. Check your scope and progression, then jump to the next step!

Simply register on the the Pro Pack platform for a free test.

Build a complete app

Ponies, ponies, ponies!

animated pony
animated pony
animated pony

For this ebook, we needed a demo app. We could have built another TO DO list, or chat app, or Reddit clone, like there are already hundreds of. But we chose ponies. Because everybody loves a pony (a real-life unicorn). You'll learn to build an application to bet on ponies races, but above all, you'll learn about all the use-cases you may need in a real Angular application.

You'll learn to build components, directives, services, forms, to send data to a server, to manage authentication, to build routes, to react to events, and a lot more! Give a try to our amazing PonyRacer demo application. All the code samples of this ebook are based on this app. That's also the same app that you'll learn to code step by step, exercise after exercise, with our Pro Pack.

screencast of PonyRacer demo app

Pricing And Plans

This book comes in two versions: one in English (for the world of developers to enjoy), one in French (for our fellow country-wo-men).
The Pro Pack (our online platform full of exercises) can be bought for a team of any size, with an appropriate discount.

ebook only

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  • English
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  • Exercises
  • Tests
  • Full project
  • Quizzes
  • Source code

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Defend your rights on the Internet while learning Angular!

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is the leading nonprofit organization defending civil liberties in the digital world. Founded in 1990, EFF champions user privacy, free expression, and innovation through impact litigation, policy analysis, grassroots activism, and technology development. Today, EFF uses the unique expertise of leading technologists, activists, and attorneys to defend free speech online, fight illegal surveillance, advocate for users and innovators, and support freedom-enhancing technologies.

Ninja Squad has chosen to support this organization during this campaign. When buying our ebook, not only will you decide how much you want to pay, but also how much you want to give to EFF, if you want to. Our company is committed to make regular donations matching your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Because you always have exotic questions in your mind: we're here to bring you peace with nice answers.

 Is this ebook for me?
This ebook is for everyone wanting to discover or deepen their knowledge of Angular. Beginner students, experienced developers, absolute fans of other frameworks (Vue.js, React), and seasoned AngularJS 1.x users, everyone has found something useful in it.
But if you're already deeply familiar with Angular, you won't probably learn that much, besides some tips and best practices learned from our experience.
But this ebook can also be a nice gift for a friend! ;)
 I've never used AngularJS 1.x. Am I gonna understand anything?
Of course! This ebook does not require any AngularJS 1.x knowledge.
If we point out some differences with AngularJS 1.x, you'll learn to build Angular apps from nothing but JavaScript.
 Your book and your exercises are full of sample code. They will be quickly out-of-date, right?
We're test addicts. Every piece of code given as example is statically analyzed and unit tested. While writing this book, we could upgrade with every Angular release and quickly spot every breaking change (and there were lot of them before the beta release...). Thus, you can be assured that every piece of code is working, and that any following Angular release won't break anything.Same thing for the Pro Pack: the project is fully updated and regenerated on every Angular release, with each step automatically tested.
 Will this book be updated with upcoming Angular releases?
Yes. We update this ebook very regularly, by adding new chapters, rewriting some, and migrating everything to every new Angular release. These updates are free for any buyer. Have a look at the full changelog. The ebook is currently written for Angular 18.0.4.
 Can I read a sample chapter?
Yes, even several of them! \o/
You can grab them for download in every language available (English and French), and every format available (PDF, EPUB, and HTML).
And a nice way to taste our writing style is to have a look at our blog.
 Which tools are you writing this book with?
We're writing in Asciidoc, and we're using AsciiDoctor to generate all expected formats (PDF, EPUB, and HTML). A build based on Angular CLI analyzes every sample code, tests it, before embedding it in the ebook source.
 Why a digital book?
Without even mentioning trees sparing and easy logistic, we prefer a digital ebook over a physical book because we can easily update its content, might it be a typo or a new feature of the framework. Have a look at the full changelog.
 Why share the sales with a charity?
Let's be clear: the ebook sales won't pay for the time of its writing, ever (every technical writer will say so).
But we are happy to help, even modestly, for an issue we care about. You can retribute the authors for their work, and optionally support charity, whatever the ratio you want.
 Do people buy this ebook? For real?
Yes, very much. Already 8365 people bought our ebook. You can look at our sales figures, they are completely public.
 Are the files DRM-protected?
Absolutely not.
 Can I reuse this ebook commercially?
No, this is the only restriction: you may not sell it and use it commercially.
 And do I really have to provide my credit card number to a bunch of ninjas?
Pay what you want does not mean free!
You can pay with PayPal, or with your card through Stripe. In any case, we never have access to your card details.
Maybe one day we'll accept Bitcoins. :)
 What do you do with my personal data?
We only collect your email, that we need to send you your purchase, your invoice, and an email from time to time to notify you when we update the ebook. You can ask us at any time to delete your email from our database (but we won't be able to send you the updates anymore).
 My company/accountant/spouse needs an invoice, are you providing one?
Yes, you'll get an invoice for every purchase. You'll even be able to customize the invoice with your own company details if you need to.
 My download link has expired. I lost my download link. What can I do?
Don't panic. Click here, enter the email address you used to buy the ebook, and you will receive a fresh download link by email. That also allows you to get the most recent version of the book.
 I would like to download the latest ebook version. It's possible, right?
Yes! Enter the enter the email address you used to buy the ebook on this page, and you will receive a new download link by email, pointing to the latest ebook revision of the book.
 Is it possible to try the Pro Pack for free?
Yes, it is. Just go to the Pro Pack platform, where you can register for a demo and enjoy the whole experience with the 6 first exercises for free.
 I want the Pro Pack for my whole team, is it possible?
Sure! You just have to input the needed quantity when buying, and you'll get an appropriate discount. Then, you can register your team members one by one, to open their access to the online platform. If you need further explanations, send us an email at contact at to talk about it.
 Do you offer trainings?
Thanks for asking! :) Yes, we offer trainings on Angular for every level, but also on other topics that might interest you.

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I'm a web developer, a member of the Angular team, and one of the co-founders of Ninja Squad. The rest of the company is also heavily involved in this ebook, writing some parts, testing things and giving feedback.

Ninja Squad is a small shop of four developers, helping other teams to build their great products, with their frontend and backend. We value code quality above all, and we're all experienced developers, trying to share what we know with others. Books like this one are a great way to do this, and we are also writing a blog, answering on StackOverflow, teaching and training other developers, and organizing conferences, the dearest to our heart being MiXiT.

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