Become a ninja with Angular

Angular is the rewrite of the popular AngularJS framework. This ebook helps you get the philosophy of the framework (Angular 2 to Angular 6), the new tools (like ES2015, TypeScript, Webpack, Angular CLI...), and each part of the framework in a pragmatic way.
You should be able to kickstart your project by the end of the reading, and build your amazing apps!

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Become a ninja with Angular – Pro Pack

Learning by reading is nice. But sometimes you need some help to setup your first application, and start coding right away.
With this Pro Pack, you'll get to download an application bootstrap, packed with provided unit tests. You can start coding right away, step by step, to build a real (but fun) application, following what you have learnt in the book.

This pack already taught Angular to 1372 effective professionals. Our sales figures are public.

Devenez un ninja avec AngularJS French only

AngularJS est l'un des frameworks JavaScript les plus populaires du moment. Il permet une incroyable vitesse de développement, pour peu que l'on prenne le temps de l'apprendre. Car c'est aussi un framework complet et parfois complexe, qui demande un peu d'investissement pour donner son plein potentiel.

Avec ce livre, que vous soyez débutant ou non, vous allez pouvoir comprendre et maîtriser les mécanismes de ce framework exigeant.

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